How To Bait Special Attacks in MARVEL Contest of Champions


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You all requested it.. and it’s here! The How to Bait tutorial!

We’ve got a special guest on this video, and that is my friend “Coach” over at One Love Music House. Please check his music out.. Dude is a powerhouse of a talent. You can see his YouTube Channel here


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Generate Limitless Units, Gold and ISO-8

16 thoughts on “How To Bait Special Attacks in MARVEL Contest of Champions”

  1. Question. When I try to bait the attacks buy walking towards them with my guard down they usually just run towards me and when I am fighting against enemy's with high damage, you can see the problem. So my question is, how do I stop that from happening. Thanks.

  2. that cyclops barely blocking ant mans special around 2:57 just shows how parry is poorly written..
    That should had definitely been parry.
    Also its visible when press block, then release it completely, then press it again.
    If you didnt move (swiped back/forward or tapped hit) it will never be parry no matter if you time it to the perfection
    Heil Kabam

  3. Arena has been so rough lately – it's like they've all got a hidden "All or Nothing" node active! Thanks for the video

  4. hey Dave. love your videos.. taught me a lot. can you please do a video showing how to use special attacks without AI blocking them. have tried everything but AI seems to block me most of the time

  5. I got an actual great strategy along with these great ones, get parry and dexterity and you are perfectly fine.

  6. lol.. 2:56 Antman dodging that kick like a ninja. its weird how antman squating down for his Special timed out like that

  7. this video is very helpful to me and others with a duped Yellow Jacket, thanks!..Been thinking about taking Y.Jacket to r5..

  8. This video is one of my favorite dork lessons!!! Thanks so much @Diggedydave helping us nerds to be boss killers 😘

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