ROAD TO THE LABYRINTH of LEGENDS!! Section 4! Marvel Contest to Champions!


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Watch me take on Marvels Contest of Champions! I do Realm of Legends, Tips & Tricks, Crystal Openings, Labyrinth of Legends, Road to Labyrinth of Legends, Alliance Quest AQ Fights, and How To videos! I also show strategies and how to become a Boss in Marvel Contest of Champions!
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Generate Limitless Units, Gold and ISO-8

17 thoughts on “ROAD TO THE LABYRINTH of LEGENDS!! Section 4! Marvel Contest to Champions!”

  1. What's up Tim? I use my 4* SW with Juggy Crit team 5* & 4* Jugs, 4* Collosus and 4* Hulk. She's only lvl 29 but it gets the job done. Also, I finally duped my 5* SL Now I have to rank him to 3

  2. another 2k fragments and I'll r5 my SW πŸ™‚ Pretty excited to try your same team but with the use of XBones instead of the 3* capt

  3. no offence but cuz of people like yourself kabam will nerf sw, no skill used just crit team and a sw. where as some of the skilled players use bw and crossbones and usually many other champs to complete the road. if you're gonna use a crit team and sw just keep it to yourself, dont make a video of it for everyone to see.

  4. Hi Tim
    In your next road to labyrinth video can you show your fight with the immune to all debuffs rhino and the stun immune ultron. Thanks πŸ‘πŸ»

  5. I dunno about anyone else but I can't even get past act 3 of rol part 4. i can if I use revives n potions but I tried with a 3* Sig 88 sw with suicides and a 20% boost and the damn magik kills me with limbo.

  6. Yeah, I recently duped my 4* SW so I started doing Road to Labyrinth. I do see how if you don't have a duped SW you can spend a lot of $$$

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